Holy Shit! It’s December. I Had a Plan! What Happened to My Plan?

Where did the time go? I don’t know about you, but this year has blazed by in a whirlwind of self-discovery, big revelation, and big holy shit challenges.

I don’t use the phrase “holy shit” lightly. I truly mean it. The shit part AND the holy part. The sacred and the profane. People I loved personally and from afar died, one after the other, it seemed. I found myself fighting “the man” for months while moving my grandmother’s house all alone in a quiet, conservative town in Nevada where I stuck out like a sore thumb. Then, criminy, the election. Some days it seemed like the world was going mad, and some days it seemed like I was going mad, and some days I was going mad (not to mention, getting mad). 


I take personal pride in having survived this nutso year. And going to the deep depths, even going so far in the early part of this year as almost losing my faith completely, has brought me to such a depth that I came out being unable to do anything halfway anymore. I was all in or all out. I was going to find a way to live my mission and take care of myself, and help others to do the same, and I wasn’t going to settle for doing it in anything other than a spirit of love, a belief in abundance, and a commitment to self-care.

My plan in January was very different from where I ended up. Maybe you can relate? 

I briefly put my business (formerly Cogflower Creative) on hold to explore my role as a co-producer for a live local show called “The Late Now,” created by local performer and madcap genius Leo Daedalus, who had been running the show for four years with much underground success. Things were exciting and new, I was stretching my skills as a marketing genius, leader, and creative visionary in ways I had always wanted to, working alongside an incredible business and creative partner.

Then, David Bowie died. If you know me personally, you know that he has always been my mentor-from-afar. And two days later, my grandmother was hospitalized, beginning my back and forth life between Portland and Pahrump, Nevada to care for her, as I had no other family able or willing to do so. (That’s another story.)

Despite the disruption and intense personal challenges, we continued to plan the season and put on stellar shows, ramping up the production value astronomically and reaching oh-so-high with our creative vision, all while we experienced the pain of life challenges we could never have planned for.

We put on a tremendous spring season and, when it was over, we both realized that we had to put on the brakes. It was time to take all that juju and inspiration and channel it into sustaining, socially-supportive, and saner pursuits. The show ended on an incredible note to great applause, and then, it was oh-so-clear to both of us… it was done. Spirit had taught us what needed to be taught, and was now leading us in different directions.

My grandmother had passed, the show had wrapped, and the summer was upon me. I dedicated myself to quiet reflection and slow movement. In that soft goodness and return to sanity, I felt my business calling to me for transformation. I renamed and re-visioned Cogflower Creative into the now more aligned Sovereign Spirit. Finally, all the brand and energetic alignment I had been supporting others in achieving had been realized for myself.

I spent the subsequent months rebranding and rebuilding my site and my ideas behind my work. I paid attention to how I could better serve those who were drawn to the gifts I had to offer.

When I was done, it was just in time for the big November surprise that rippled across the U.S. on November 8th. It definitely threw me as it did so many others, and took me time to again find my center, to navigate my personal path in what seemed to be an all new social reality. I became clearer in my mission and the need to support spirit-led business owners in claiming and using their voice in the world, using all the tools I knew, sharing all the philosophies on energetic and brand alignment I had gathered over the years.

I got a lot done this year, but I have to say… My plans were totally taken over by life. Nothing happened at the speed I’d expected, or in the order I’d planned.

Now that I’m settled in, I have been coming out of my creative cave and reaching back out to the world, talking to soul-preneurs about their desire to reset and expand full-hearted into 2017, no matter what it takes. A common theme of being thrown off course by life emerged. Within that, I heard laments of very specific plans that had fallen to the wayside. Big picture visions that now seemed overwhelming and difficult to tackle, but were calling anew for completion.

After all, this new world is waiting for a deeper level of healing, and it’s up to us to bring forth our highest gifts.

Many spiritual people have found themselves in an energetic whirl of late, struggling to rediscover their focus. And if you’re among those who have gotten back to some semblance of center, I congratulate you. It’s no easy task to stay engaged and aware while maintaining your energetic and emotional health.

Maybe you know you need support to kick 2017 in the proverbial pants, while we kick 2016 to the curb. (I want to be more loving, but even as I’ve grown and learned, I am still a little grumpy about it all, so I won't pretend otherwise!) And after listening to others and inside myself, I’ve found myself feeling invited by Spirit to offer a different sort of package to help my fellow soul-preneurs get back on track with their business, branding, and marketing vision for the beginning of this new year.

If the online, marketing, and big picture aspects of your plan befuddle and you want to go from, “Holy Shit, 2016!” to “Getting Holy Shit Done for 2017!” then I would love to extend this invitation to you to take a look at my new offering:


I’m offering a 10% discount for work in January, if you secure your spot by December 15th.

To read more about what this entails and the spirit behind it, please visit the page outlining the service and the purpose of the work. If you're struggling to get the nitty gritty of your online business aspects in shape (whatever that may be), I’d love to support you in feeling accomplished by springtime next year.

And maybe what you need is more community-oriented or energetic in nature… If it is, I hope you will reach out to me or those you know and trust, find your safe haven, and be extra vigilant in your self care this holiday season. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but if we can find our center again, we can see the holy moments and find the meaning behind the chaos, and then navigate toward a more useful and supportive position.

Sending you all my love! Take care of yourself, bold and bright ones.