Brand Alignment from Inside-Out: Part 3


Energetic Alignment on the Soul Brand Journey

It's day three of our brand alignment series, and I have to wonder, how are you feeling today? Did you take any big steps? Did you discover some subtle but compelling wisdom lurking deep in your heart, ready to be incorporated into a new or evolving vision? Did you find a new ally on your path in the voice of your inner child or a dear friend?

Have you uncovered clues of mis-alignment that we discussed in day 1 and are now moving them forward into aligned action?

Even if you haven't quite found that thing that is calling you forth into evolution yet, I know you will still appreciate today's discussion on alignment and the Soul Brand Journey, and I trust that, in time, this information will help you cultivate the next step that is right for you.

Even if you are feeling uncertainty (a very natural part of any creative process, I'll add), challenge yourself to take action, however small, in your effort to uncover your alignment.

Find That Feeling of Alignment 

You'll know you're on the right track when you find a feeling of divine alignment that makes you feel vital and alive.

Alignment isn't just a concept, it's a body sensation. When you are truly aligned with a new path, it makes you feel expansive. Your chest opens, you are almost physically receiving the excitement and newness.

By contrast, when you aren't aligned, your body and energy contract and close in. You get that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is off.

Sometimes contraction can be a result of fear of the unknown, and that's another matter. If you feel a bit like you're contracting and expanding simultaneously—a flutter of excitement followed by the clench of anxiety—then you know you are in fear territory, and fear is something you can move through.

And very likely, when you feel that double-sided coin of fear and excitement, you are also onto something really juicy and potentially life-changing for you.

That's when you take the next step and the next, chipping away at that fear by taking a steady path of discovery and expression to the next, best version of yourself.

Shine and Share On! 

Here's the thing. Once you hone in on that next, luscious thing, then you find yourself having the easiest time sharing what you do with others!

  1. You shine when you explain your offering, feeling proud to show it off. You are likely clearer when you describe it, too.
  2. You are more excited to follow up on leads and likely have greater ease closing new business.
  3. You wake up excited to do your work more days than not, and it shows in your customer service and quality of work.
  4. BONUS: It becomes so much easier to market and brand yourself! You may even notice that you attract more resources to engage in all the exciting ideas you have around your business.

It's Not Just a Brand - It's a Soul Brand Journey 

This is why, when I work with my clients, I take them on a Soul Brand Journey. It's not enough to simply create a brand guide, color palette, unique value proposition, and logo. If you aren't completely in sync with the soul calling behind what you do, it shows in everything. No sexy brand can make up for a lackluster relationship with your business.

And here's the thing: that soul calling is going to evolve over the years! We can't count all the ways the different variations of ourselves influence who we are and what we do today.

So give yourself permission to make some changes. Everyone has to do it at some point. Running a business is a continual, creative endeavor and like any creative endeavor requires adjustment and fine tuning as we go. It's a reflection of our Heroine/Hero's Journey.

What's Your Next Aligned Action? 

Whether you are in a mostly aligned business or one that's been off for some time, what one action are you going to take to get back into your alignment? And what is the first step you will take to make this real in the world?

Please share your inspirations below!

At the end of the day, it is up to you to give yourself permission to live the life that is calling to you.

And you can do it! The world needs the voice and vision that only you can share.

Theresa Pridemore