Mari Saint-Pierre
Soul Self Astrology & Healing Arts


I feel very privileged to share the following case study with you. Mari Saint-Pierre is a wonderful client who really took the "co-creation" part of the Soul Brand Journey very seriously. When I asked her for a testimonial to include in my case study, I got way more than I bargained for: she essentially wrote the case study for me.

I am honored to share this wonderful process and finished product with you, with her own words. 

Mari's Reflections
on her Soul Brand Journey

"In the past, I hesitated to hire a branding specialist to help me vision my astrology practice as it seemed a lot of money to lay out for a part-time business that brought in a limited income. But when I found I could no longer juggle my left brain job with my right brain intuitive approach to astrology, I walked away from my career to devote myself to supporting people in transformation. This time I knew I couldn’t go it alone. That’s when I thought of Theresa whom I had met a few years back at Merry Meet (now the Northwest Magic Conference). During our first of many lively conversations that day I felt a connection spark between us that I suspected would one day amount to something, though I knew not what. What better time than now, I thought, to reconnect.

"I was instantly pleased to read on Theresa’s website that she based her branding technique on her client’s deepest soulful yearnings around their business. What a perfect fit for my astrological focus on the Soul Self. A week later I found myself sitting beside Theresa in a cafe in St. John’s sharing from the heart my vision for expanding my astrology practice.

"From the start, Theresa got where I was coming from and shared my enthusiasm for how I might develop my eclectic mix of offerings into a streamlined business with a broader audience. She also understood and encouraged my desire to work remotely from my new home in the forest near Estacada. She even shared her own ideas for how I might deepen my sessions around personal transformation into a longer program with individualized tracks that addressed pain points common to my clients. I realized in hiring Theresa I would be investing in my own life-altering transformation. And I was thrilled to note that she offered a safe container in which we could experiment with a range of possibilities that would lead to an expanded, thriving practice I could enjoy for years to come.

VIP Day fun!

VIP Day fun!

"Eight weeks later, I am a very satisfied customer with a professional, visually stunning and easy to navigate website that perfectly captures my philosophy, my unique approach to readings and my array of exciting new offerings. The quality that most makes my website stand out from the crowd is the addition of six short videos filmed and edited by Theresa that give people the opportunity to get to know me before committing to investing in a session. What means more to me even than this quality product is the fun process I went through with Theresa to produce it.

"From the start, with detailed worksheets Theresa asked me to complete each week to identify, clarify and refine my business goals, I knew I was in capable hands. During our follow up calls I felt understood, appreciated and supported in my desire for a full-time life as an astrologer. When Theresa came out to my forest home to shoot the video footage, I was impressed by how well she balanced the structure of the script I was asked to prepare with improvised questions she asked to reveal me in a natural light. Watching the first of the videos a few days later, I grew emotional because this was me, the real me, the me I hoped future clients would be drawn to.

"All week I’ve been hearing feedback from the launch of my new website and it’s glowing. People are very impressed with the site, and it’s clear from their comments that they recognize the innovative thinking and technological expertise Theresa brought to our collaboration. While I’m still in the early stages of my newly expanded practice and some days I feel daunted by what lies ahead, I draw confidence from the polished, authentic branding image Theresa helped me create. Now, when I reach out to market my business, I do so with self-assurance and pride in what I offer. And I’m more willing now to stretch out of my comfort zone to put my brand as a transformational astrologer with a unique approach and a diverse life experience out in the world.  

"I attribute this greater sense of self in part to the many talents Theresa contributed to my re-visioning process: a highly developed intuition; an artistic talent that spans multiple mediums; an enthusiastic, nurturing spirit; and a knack for mirroring back to people their dream, attaching a practical application for how to manifest this personal vision in the everyday world. I couldn’t have done this without Theresa, and I couldn’t recommend working with her to vision and brand your business more highly. With Theresa, you’re in the best of hands that will both nurture and inspire your efforts to create a life you will love."


— Mari Saint-Pierre
Transformational Astrologer



Our Process for Co-Creating
Mari's Soul Brand &
Online Temple of Attraction

Allow me to take this opportunity to share what a joy it was to work with Mari on her Soul Brand and Online Temple of Attraction. To me, she is a shining example of what can be achieved when someone is fully ready to do the deep spiritual work it takes to find true Soul Brand and business alignment, and then take on the physical work required to manifest it fully.

From beginning to end, Mari showed up fully for the process. What you see on her finished site may have received support from me in the framing and process, but the words, story, and dream are hers. 

I will share below some of the fruits of our work together and my own perspectives on the process.

Teasing Out Stories: 
Weeding Out the "Shoulds," Following Curiosity

Everyone brings assumptions and stories to the table in any project where there are shifts into something new or expanded. In order to build a successful final product, it is my job to tease out the assumptions that are guiding the client in their work and see how the journey toward a brand and website might reveal places where they could find greater alignment with their business, and ultimately greater alignment with their brand, client attraction, and financial expansion.

In the early stages of our work together we uncovered any beliefs or motivations that might be clouding her bigger picture and sought holistic solutions.

Some things we identified were that she could release a plan to do reiki in person in Portland, as she could more easily blend it into her work via remote sessions as a part of her packages, and free up time for other business needs and creative pursuits. We evaluated how her coming move to Estacada could become a creative underpinning for her business and become part of her overall brand strategy. We took the work she'd already done and found ways to weave it into the new vision to support the personal shifts she was making. And we explored ways to leave breathing space in her brand for her continued evolution.

Uncovering Business & Brand Integrity

When someone is creating a brand, that integrity of self is essential to giving a clear message and signal. 

We wanted to wrap all of Mari's abilities as a healer into the whole picture of her healing work instead of giving any on thing an "aside" treatment. She also incorporated Tarot, stones, and shamanism into her daily practices; astrology was the focus of her work, but strengthened greatly by her other gifts, and those needed to be woven in, too. However, the goal was to do it in a way that felt cohesive and integrated.


A Niche Rich with Inspiration

These days the idea of a niche is so drilled into our minds as the solution to grow our business; while it makes a lot of sense, I've noticed that it has bred the idea that either we have to narrow our work to one focused area that constricts us in some way or we are doomed to live in a scattered universe with too many masters in a journey to honor our whole self. The truth is, with careful consideration of how the business' offerings and brand flow together, we can actually create a powerful, unique niche that supports our soul and our clients, and allows us to really fulfill our deep purpose. 

As Mari and I worked together, we explored the creation of her own unique niche and the realization of all her yearnings at once.

From her core desired lifestyle to her business name re-visioning to a tagline to the unique value proposition to her programs, we found a sensible structure and a clear path of communication that brought it all together for herself and her ideal client.

A Sustainable Strategy

The inspiration to give herself permission to work out of her own sacred space with the kinds of people she felt most fueled by led to an increased spaciousness in how she could then think of managing her time in the creation of programs, offerings, and packages that would honor the true nature of her work while serving people more effectively. We also evaluated places where Mari could better honor the value of what she was offering. I am always on the look-out for where my clients can increase their ease, make room for their ideal lifestyle, and fill their own cup in their quest to support others.


Mari had enough technological understanding to immediately see the benefit of how online funnels and web programs could be a great tool in her business and help her achieve her personal goals and support the lifestyle she desired to live. With the right plan and tools in place she could steadily build toward her vision of working with clients in group courses online and one-on-one sessions over the phone and Skype, all from the haven of her beautiful, forest home.

What was lovely about how the process evolved, is that we were able to create a successful structure for online programs she had already been developing for in person workshops. As she became clearer about how to deliver her work, she became very clear on how to communicate about it on her site and materials, too.

Creative Expression and Connection with the Tribe

I don't have a one-size-fits-all approach to the work, and will suggest different marketing tools for different people. It was clear from the outset that Mari had a knack for writing; not surprisingly, she has an educational background in writing and film, so this came naturally for her. With her move to Estacada, I noticed how much of her spiritual journey was contextualized by her experiences in nature. It became a natural evolution to center her blog around her regular musings and to share her inner journey, to build a relationship with her tribe, through this channel of joyful self-expression.

The True Power of a Website is the Funnel

She also needed a funnel for clients to work with her, and so we created a smooth and engaging process for clients to get to know her and explore possibilities for working with her, with the goal of building long term relationships that drew people into her programs and workshops as they became more and more familiar with her work.

The Visual Manifestation of the Brand

I also supported Mari in her work with a photographer of her choice, sending along tips and guidelines that would help the final result speak to her brand and blend well into a finished site.

The logo I created for her actually came to me in a vision during our first meeting, as she discussed symbols that had meaning for her. Ultimately we ended up with a mark that felt personally meaningful for her as well as symbolically representing the nature of the work she does with others.


VIP Days:
Co-Creation, Brand Realization, and Technical Support

During our VIP days together, Mari and I worked together to make design selections that felt aligned for her and would match her brand. She also had the opportunity to ask questions and see me work within Squarespace and Mailchimp so that she could make tweaks herself in the following weeks, and continue in the creation of her own newsletters and promotions.

Working with Tarot & Intuitive Tools

In these VIP days and in our weekly calls, I would sometimes draw Tarot cards to set the tone for our work or help us identify the deeper energy and soul work that was to be done that day in our session. It's uncanny just how often Tarot validates the feelings my clients are having at any given time and helps us get to the root of what really needs to occur in our time together. I also used my intuition throughout the process, listening carefully for undercurrents and spirit-led inspiration throughout each session and during the work.


Video: Living the Mission and Sharing It Fully

I so enjoyed our video day, and I love having the opportunity to take all the discoveries a client has made over the course of our work together and channel them into a conversation through this medium. This was the moment where Mari really witnessed herself living her evolved mission fully and stepping into it, and it gave potential clients a way to get to know her even better. When it comes to the healing and intuitive arts, that personal connection and ability to read someone's energy matters so much in making a choice.

Holding Space for Evolution

Ultimately, that is the core of all the work we do; I hold space for the evolution, inner validation, and creative expression of the evolved business vision of my clients so that their tribe can see them for their true, visionary self. I guide them through tangible, accessible steps to achieving their new vision and I support them in the technological and artistic aspects of creating their online presence. And, most importantly, I support them in making the energetic transition, holding that deep level of permission for expansion into their evolving self, so that they can ultimately "own" the Soul Brand they have created. That's where the magic of the work really lives.

What Mari and I co-created is a beautiful reflection of her expanded business vision and holds space for her own nurturing as well as supporting others on their path. I delight in knowing that she will be able to share her gifts with others and support the world's expansion through what she offers. This is the heart of why I love the work I do.

If you haven't already, please visit the Soul Self Astrology & Healing Arts site and take a look at Mari's work and writing. I know you will be inspired by her incredible vision and perspective. I certainly am.


Do You Resonate with
Mari's Soul Brand Journey?

As you can see, the journey to a Soul Brand and Online Temple of Attraction is heroic one and must be approached holistically. After all, the goal is to expand your vision and connect with your tribe, right? A turn-key site is so rarely the answer to what a business really needs when it comes time to revision a brand and website.

My goal is to create such an incredible space of expansiveness, creativity, and sacred searching that we can find a meaningful and sustainable path to success together.

If you are intrigued, then I encourage you to take my Soul Brand Assessment so we can explore your brand in a free, 30 minute exploratory call where we can get to know each other and see if my approach might be the right fit for you. During that time I can share my insights for your own brand journey that you may take with you into your next steps and give you insight into how my process would apply to you.

If you are interested in sharing your Soul Brand Journey with me, I'd love to have the opportunity to co-create with you.