Dear Future Co-Conspirator,

You are a passionate business owner who is creating a new path for your business. You are ready to forge an inspired, new purpose out of the hot coals of a business you have already proven. You're an empath, an intuitive, highly sensitive, or a healer (whether you advertise it or not). You have an abundance of gifts to share, and you’re ready to come out of hiding and claim the full value for the work you do.

You imbue your work with creativity, compassion, and good, old-fashioned hard work.

You’ve worked alongside coaches. You’ve hired web developers. You’ve collaborated with designers. You've valued all of these experiences, but this time you might be looking for something different. You don't want someone to just tell you what to do, or to do for you what you know you can do for yourself. You need a strategic partner to get you to your next step — with grace, humor, and a grasp on the greater vision.

You know you need a new brand and you would love this process to be soulful, fun, and inspiring. You know the answers are inside you to the bigger questions; you are inviting a guide into your life who can keep you focused on your gifts and answer questions that take you off course. You need an informed, trustworthy guide who is a true collaborator.

Who you are in search of must be an artist and intuitive. They must speak your language of spirit. They must be able to move forward organically, charting a subtle path to your destination toward a deeper, more self-nurturing level of sovereignty. They must also be able to balance strategy and beauty, helping you express the special nuance of your own voice.

This artist must have vision. More importantly, she must be able to help you connect with and express your own vision.

The artist and intuitive guide you seek will help you step onto the pathway of your deepest expression and manifestation of your next dream, blending a multitude of disciplines, approaches, and practical techniques to help you achieve your goals. She will be a deep listener and confidante, bridging the disparate roads of inner investigation and technical experimentation into a cohesive, clearly-communicating, end result—your Soul Brand North Star, the guide-post for your increased visibility, Soul Leadership, and prosperity.

This artist is your astral navigator, vision mapper, road opener, and brand genius.

Best of all, she must be desiring to co-create with especially you and she must genuinely appreciate all the magic, hard work, and brilliance you bring to this world.


It’s wonderful to meet you. What can I help you make manifest?

Whatever you are feeling called to work on next, I would love to chat with you and see if we are mutually the right fit in the co-creation of the next stage of your brand and marketing journey.