I'm a big fan of agreements. It's an opportunity for us to share our mutual values, set clear boundaries, and make sure we're on the same page as we proceed. Agreements are beautiful things, because they assure communication is smooth, effortless, and filled with love as we go. I'm a big fan of love.

Let me share with you my expectations of myself as I co-create with you, and the things I would love to receive from you in return so that I may deliver my best.

My Agreements

1. I will listen. Really listen. In fact, listening is probably a way more important task in my work than telling. Every exercise we do, every call we make, is designed to help me understand you better. When I really understand you, I can give you my best guidance. Moreover, I vow to listen deeply to anything your guides, spirits, angels, etc. have to share with us about how to get you to your most aligned place.

2. I will give you my best. From clear communication to showing up fully for every interaction to making sure you have what you need to proceed, I will be as fully present as I can be for our time together.

3. I will invite ease into the process and into your business vision. While work will be involved, I have actually designed the process to create ease, to allow you to organically and creatively flow into your completed brand and site. I will hold up a mirror to any beliefs you may have about difficulty being required, and I will support you in finding a greater flow and allowance of your natural gifts and tendencies.

4. I will work just as hard as I ask you to work. Ah yes, work. It takes work to dig deep, to show up fully, to evolve our stories! It takes work to write, to create. Such beautiful, fulfilling work. I'd almost call this work play, but quite honestly, sometimes it just feels like honest to goddess, nose to the grindstone work. But remember, I'm there with you, working at your side. I am no stranger to hard work, and I've come to love all parts of the creative process. With perseverance (the best kind) we get to a finished product and a more embodied business.

5. I will deliver both practical and magical strategy to the table. I am probably one of the most left-brained intuitives and artists you will meet. I trust in the flow and energy of the universe around me and I align with that flow by using my natural gifts of organization and problem-solving. I'm a geek and a sorceress simultaneously, a consultant and a co-manifestress. You can rest assured that I will take your own intuitions seriously and I will also keep the work grounded with practical, steady plans and actions.

6. I will make my best effort to translate technical aspects into language that works for you. I've been told many times that I am adept at finding the right way to describe tech to my clients. One of my personal missions is to empower people with a deeper understanding and comfort level with web technologies. 

7. I will set clear boundaries. Whether it's maintaining the items set forth in our work agreement, showing up on time to calls, choosing to work only during regular business hours, I will let you know what you can expect from me and when. If I can't meet a commitment, I will communicate with you and do what I can to make it right.

8. I will bring my real self to the table. A little sacred, a little profane, I will run the gamut from enlightened to outright silly. I do this work the way I do it because I want to enjoy my life, and while I will always be respectful towards my client's preferences and tendencies, I will still choose to always show up as myself. Ultimately, I have seen that this opens the door for them to be even truer to themselves, too.


My Requests of You

1. Listen deeply to yourself and share what you find. It can be tempting to reply to our inquiries and explorations from an easy place; that can net some decent results. When you go deeper, make the time to explore the questions I will pose to you, you will find so much more bounty. I also ask that, if I challenge you with a new perspective that you really take it into consideration. I'll never ask you to take on an idea that feels out of place for you; discernment is very important. Just give it a chance.

2. Give yourself your best. Every client who has dedicated themselves to this process has been ecstatic with the results. When you make a big investment, that means you are making a big commitment to yourself to get outstanding results. If you treat this process as a self-care opportunity, create space for discovery and going inward, you will come out the other side with a whole different tone and tenor to your mission.

3. Look for feelings of ease and allow them in. Our natural tendency is to be on the lookout for all the things we have to suffer and struggle through; I'll be asking you to spend time staying in touch with what expands you, what sparks your enthusiasm, and what keeps you curious and open. 

4. Show up for the work. There will be parts of the process that you might find tedious; give yourself a chance to see if this feeling is about a resistance you have to expanding in a new direction, whether it's a technical or internal one. 

5. Be open to magic and new ways of doing things. Pay attention to the signs and signals that show up as you go through this process. Share them! Ask questions if a strategy seems confusing or out of alignment. With a little earth and heaven magic, we will find the right path forward.

6. Keep your mind open and curious about technology. I may expose you to things you feel or have felt uncomfortable with. Something I've noticed consistently is that whenever a client has a resistance to technology, it always gives them and those working for them trouble! Technology is ultimately very responsive to our energy fields and our willingness to approach it. If you hate technology outright, then I would recommend you work on that resistance before approaching me or any other online development firm. However, if you are willing to learn, I will gladly share tools and approaches with you that you will come to love.

7. Honor our agreements and communicate clearly about changes. My business model relies upon a certain level of consistency from myself and my clients; when you move a meeting out, that means I may have to push another client out a week. Every program has a couple of weeks of wiggle room built in, because the creative process and life itself can require that we be organic and go with the flow. Sometimes delays are really the result of inner resistance. I will encourage you to release that resistance and flow with the process, because that's how you will see the results you desire. And if you feel like anything is unclear or has gone off the rails, please tell me; I will always listen and work to make it right.

8. Be yourself. That includes all of you. I invite holy moments, I invite "holy shit!" Whatever is authentic to you. I will hold sacred space and keep our engagements confidential. I will ask that you explore the places within you that resist being seen and we will bring them to light within the safe space of our working relationship, with the hope that we can find ways to bring more of the real you out into the world... when you are ready. In the meantime, you have my assurance that I will totally, completely accept you for who you are, unconditionally. It's one of my superpowers.


When You Rock'n'Roll with Me...

Does this sound like something you can rock and roll with? If you are seriously considering co-creating a brand and online temple of attraction with me, then there is a really easy next step you can take. Take my Soul Brand Assessment and let's get your free Soul Brand Breakthrough Introduction on the calendar. You can ask me all your burning questions and I will do what I can to give you even deeper clarity about whether or not this is the right path for you.