When you are ready to shift your brand, that’s a sign that you’re probably on a new, or expanded, mission in your work (or vice versa). So, that raises the question: do you just need a website, or do you need a new strategy for communicating what you do?

If you’ve ever tried to make your own website, you know that the challenge of creating a website has less to do with building the site itself and more to do with how clearly you can communicate about what it is you offer. Maybe when you think on it, you can call up that remembrance of the dread of staring at the empty screen, trying to decide what to write about your business. It can be painful!

Perhaps some of these questions went through your mind, too...

  • Should I even call my business the same name as before?

  • How do I shift my audience without losing all the work I put into developing the one I have?

  • Should I put my prices online? Should I be offering packages?

  • How do I tweak my funnels to be less work and more productive?

  • How do I share my evolution in a way that makes sense to people?

And that’s just the start.

Here's the truth: You could do this alone, but it probably isn’t going to be easy. It might even distract you from your main mission if you make the attempt, or you might feel tempted to abandon or half-do things just to get it off your plate. (We've all been there, myself included... and I do this for a living!) 

How do you guide yourself through a process when you don’t even know where to start, or get a twist in your gut at the idea of beginning? And if you are going to put in the time, don’t you want to put it into something that’s not just going to work out okay, but will really work for you and warrant all the time and money you spend on your marketing materials overall? Wouldn't you like to know all the work you're putting into getting warm leads has a better chance of paying off with a brand that's really showcasing your gifts and acting as a clear communication channel to your perfect-fit clients?

If the mere idea of going on this journey fills you with overwhelm, don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal.

Here are some deeper reasons that you might be feeling overwhelmed:

  • You’re not sure how to bring all your gifts together in a way that keeps you inspired without scattering your eenrgy.

  • You don’t have a strategy for getting new clients and customers and find yourself spreading yourself thin in networking circles that aren’t netting you the returns you would like.

  • You aren’t charging enough for your services and you don’t have a clear vision for how to charge what you’re really worth (or even what that number is).

  • You’re a right-brained, intuitive person who is tech-savvy, but are a bit lost in the big left-brain endeavor that building an online platform for your ideas can be.

  • You know you could be doing more for your tribe online, but you aren’t sure where to focus your efforts.

  • You've developed a brand already that doesn't really honor your true self and creative instincts, so working within it feels lackluster, uninspiring, or off-target for you.

Guess what? The process to clarity and conclusion can actually be joyful, freeing, and simple. Really, it can.

That’s what I help clients find: joy, freedom, and thriving. And we do it by focusing on the energetic aspects of your brand.

Ponder how all of the above concerns can be reshaped with a new approach. You could:

  • organically flow in a process of self discovery and business evolution that makes your online content flow naturally from your explorations;

  • get support in fully understanding all the technical tools you can be using to support your goals, in a non-techy, intuitive way that leaves you feeling fully empowered;

  • feel real ownership and alignment with your brand, and room to expand and grow further within it;

  • enjoy a focus that actually honors all of your gifts and gives you structure while still leaving you with a feeling of expansiveness;

  • feel fully aligned in your brand in such a way that you are creatively charged up to express yourself within it;

  • feel as if you finally have the resources to make a genuine connection with your tribe and to serve them on a deeper level than ever before;

  • find yourself excited and clear when sharing your business with others, whether it's online or in person;

  • enjoy your newfound ability to magically discover beautiful people and perfect fit clients everywhere you go;

  • see your bottom line grow in an organic, affirming way as you more deeply honor your needs and uncover new plans that will help you achieve your financial goals.


I’ve spent the last 20 years as a web and graphic designer, intuitive, and online business consultant and have developed and refined my own process for helping people clarify their brand vision and how to get results online. If you are ready to claim your sovereignty in a business and brand transmutation, then let’s get the process started.