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Are you a holistic entrepreneur who is also:


a healer or intuitive...

...who is expanding a one-on-one model into an online, group-based, or program-based model of working?


a speaker...

...stepping onto new stages and getting attention for your one-on-one services, products, or content offerings?

a teacher OR CREATIVE...

...who is ready to take some in-person programs and solid workshop ideas into an on-line brand and business model?


a writer...

...who’s making great strides in Amazon bestseller lists or getting prominent guest blogging opportunities?


A Consultant...

...who has an intuitive way of working with clients that may even be invisible to those you work with, but is the secret sauce to your success?


If any of the above describe you, then consider this: a brochure site may give people a way to find you and get familiar with your offering, but will it compel people to be drawn to you, feel a deep connection with you and your work, or represent you in your highest vibration and value? Chances are that what you really need are materials that speak directly to your tribe and capture the essence of your soul.

This is the question to ask yourself: do you just want a site, or do you desire an Online Temple of Attraction that will really impact your bottom line and put you in alignment with your calling and most ideal clients, collaborators, and customers?

You know your website will be the first point of contact that many people have with you, and the content they find can actually inspire and excite them; it can create raving fans within your ideal audience — i.e. the people you most love to play with. Your Online Temple of Attraction can elevate you as the High Priestess of your area of expertise so that your tribe will take notice and engage with you in a long term relationship that creates true satisfaction for you and for them.


A Big Business Vision Needs a Big Web Vision


A great website is one of the biggest players in the ecosystem of your business. Long gone are the days of the brochure site: now your site has to communicate, educate, interact, and generate leads — all of tremendous value to your business, and ultimately responsible for increasing your bottom line and your enjoyment of your sometimes non-mission-related business tasks.

A smart site can sell for you and help you build recurring streams of revenue, if plugged into product lines or online programs. It can give you opportunities for client connection and outreach that go beyond what you can do in networking or sales calls.

Every website I co-create includes my Soul Brand Journey program. After fifteen years of collaborating with clients on websites, I’ve learned the best approach is one of inclusion and client empowerment. Within the overall program is included a content development phase, where you get six weeks of exercises to help you hone in on the soul of your business and to support you in developing site content that is truly yours and will actually work in the way you desire it to.

You may also opt to add on an extra online program development package to round out your business plan and site building. If you want the cherry on top, you can also get a custom logo design, incorporating imagery that speaks to the deeper message of your business and incorporates powerful totems that are meaningful to you; or a Soul Home Video, where we capture the essence of your business in a compelling, two minute introductory video.


"Just Need a Website?"
Consider This.


Hidden Questions Muddy the Path

As an intuitive artist and web developer, I worked many years designing mostly turn-key websites for happy clients. People often remarked on my uncanny ability to just "get them" and make something that felt visually authentic to them. However, a surprising number of times the journey toward a completed site would be frought with frustration and confusion when seemingly clear project plans got thrown off track; I started to observe that many clients who approached me with what we we had believed was complete picture of the path ahead, would discover by surprise that they had some big concerns in their business itself that needed sorting out before the brand or website could be fully realized. 

I would often support them with answering the unanswered questions they hadn't realized were there from the beginning. After years passed working with dozens of clients and finding ways to be of greater support in the wide variety of concerns my clients had regarding business strategy and technology and how it all connected to their brand and website, I developed a deep understanding of common business problems and solutions, especially as concerned the highly sensitive people who tended to cross my path. I became a confidant, a supporter of big dreams, a creative concierge to their vision.

When that client's seemingly clear path became muddy due to internal confusion, lack of business clarity, or lack of ideal client clarity, my process would change to accommodate and problem solve these bigger picture issues so we could get to the meat of the work; people would be impressed by this unadvertised and sound support and also delighted that I could so quickly intuit solutions to their problems, both internal and external. However, it often took us off the path quite a bit, adding extra, unexpected time to the process, a need to re-vision the work midstream, and sometimes necessarily added to the project budget.

In the end, the client received a site they loved, but with an unexpected journey. Ultimately, I felt ready and willing to show up for whatever the client needed; after all, the creative process can be a messy one, as I understood all too well. But I knew there had to be a better way to support those I wished to serve.

This is why I developed the Soul Brand Journey and now make it a prerequisite for any brand or site work I take on: ultimately, I find it saves clients money and time, with a bonus of solving some bigger business and brand issues that can sometimes sabotage the result. All with an eye toward the unique needs of the visionary, intuitive, and creative clients who cross my path and seek a more authentic, high integrity, and embodied approach to their promotions. Once I learned how connected these seemingly esoteric needs were to the ultimate success of the business and materials I co-created with my client, I made room in my process to address them and set my clients up for a deeper level of success than just the mere completion of a website, logo, or brand.

Access Your Business' Astral Blueprint,
Step Into Your Alignment and
GIVE YOURSELF Permission to Shine

Instead of taking an intuitive approach to turning a key on their behalf, I now co-create at their side, using my intuition to guide them toward a path that is most highly aligned with their deeper goals and vision. I can read the astral blueprint for my clients' businesses and see what their businesses are calling for them to create. I hold space for that authentic manifestation and for the client's energetic alignment and permission to step into that bigger, more embodied picture, so they can really net the results of all the work they've done.

It took me fifteen years and over a hundred clients to evolve the Soul Brand Journey; a more structured approach to the creative process that gets my clients to their true desired destination — a site they will not only love, but that will support their vision, mission, and financial growth.


Intrigued and desiring more clarity as relates to you and your own needs? Not entirely sure that you don't still wish to proceed straight to building a site?

Then let me ask you some questions to make sure you're truly in alignment with your brand and online presence and really prepared to jump to that stage of the process.

If you are, great! If not, these might be clues that your brand and vision could use a few tweaks, and would benefit from the Soul Brand Journey:

  • Do you have trouble explaining what you do to people in networking contexts or in work inquiries? 
  • Do you feel like you're wasting a lot of time in phone conversations and in meetings having to educate people about what you do and who you are? Or are you having trouble closing the gap between people's expectations of what you do and how you really do your work?
  • Do you ever feel concerned when sharing business materials or discussing your work with others that your passions and interests may come off scattered and unconnected?
  • Do you have a program that’s been dragging in sales or interest and you can’t figure out why?
  • Are you exhausted by trying to keep up with all of your current one-on-one and program offerings? Does it feel overwhelming to think about how you are going to bring it all together in a new web presence?
  • Does your current website convey a clear message throughout, or is it fragmented and scattered? Do you have a plan to create a more cohesive message, with a specific client profile in mind?
  • Does your current site it reflect an older version of you and your offering? Have you created a new content map to not only bring this information up to date, but allow you room to grow and breathe as your brand and business continue to evolve?
  • Do you often worry that your offerings are priced too low or too high? Do you struggle with consistent pricing or sharing your prices with potential clients?
  • Do you feel as if you’re constantly paying for resources to keep your business afloat and never quite moving forward? Are you afraid that this next investment is going to put you in the same place as you've been before?
  • Are you finding that you have too many unpleasant relationships with clients or difficulty attracting the customers who will really get you? Do you find yourself often wishing that you could just find the people you really want to connect and work with?
  • Have you done brand or web work in the past and been hesitant to be publicly visible for the newest incarnation of your business after a bit of time passed? Did it start to feel out of alignment almost immediately after you launched it?
  • Do you sometimes struggle to remember why you felt passionate about your work in the first place, yet are compelled to keep going despite the challenges? Do you sense that something core needs to change if you are going to be able to keep going?
  • Do you feel like you are still hiding some of your gifts, personality traits, and passions out of a feeling of necessity, to cater to a particular market or because, "That's just what you do when you're in business?"

If you’ve said yes to any of these, then perhaps you haven’t made a connection between your brand or website and your concerns. However, at the root of all of these problems is a lack of core clarity and alignment, and the path toward a clear and successful website is the same path you travel to a clear and successful business.

When you are clear on your direction and how that plays out in your Soul Brand, then it unravels many of these common issues that sovereign business owners face.


What You Get with a Soul Brand


Now you know the deeper how and why behind this unique process and package... You see that the Soul Brand Journey is a process I developed that evolved out of fifteen years of helping clients find marketing, design, and soul fulfillment in their businesses. It isn’t just a product or result; it’s a personal and business revolution. You don’t hire me to create your Soul Brand; we work together to co-create your brand and your business vision with dedication, honest reflection, and good old-fashioned hard work.

Soul Branding involves configuring and considering every aspect of your business to create a cohesive message and vision.

It includes obvious things like:

  • Your niche.
  • Your ideal clients and customers.
  • Your business name and domain name.
  • Your program and product offerings.
  • Your marketing message.
  • Your visual elements: colors, logo, photography, video.

But a Soul Brand is so much more than that. It also includes:

  • Your personal dreams and aspirations.
  • Your day-to-day habits and beliefs around your business.
  • Your strengths (things that strengthen you) and weaknesses (things that weaken you).
  • Your money picture and foundation.
  • Your energy signal.
  • Your authenticity.
  • Your ability to feel aligned, honest and in integrity with your work and image.
  • Your creative expression.
  • And, most importantly: the clear transmission of your soul’s frequency.

Does that seem like a lot for a branding and web design project?

I’ve helped build nearly a hundred sites and brands over the years. I can tell you that I noted much more follow through and long term success with clients who went through this process than those who opted for a turn key solution. 

This is what I ask those who are considering "something simple."

Do you want a site that simply acts as a brochure, or do you want real results for your business and more satisfaction in your lifestyle?

I've seen the gamut. People with simple sites. People with empty sites. People with gorgeous, glossy sites.

The success or failure of a brand and site has so much more to do with internal reasons than external ones.

Here are some reasons your site or brand might not succeed:

  • Poor foundational work on your business.
  • A scarcity picture, or a martyr/saint mockup that accompanies many intuitive, creative, and healing arts career paths.
  • Unconsciously adopting a path that comes from a “should” place instead of your most highly aligned soul path and authentic passions.
  • A lack of consistency in your message because of a lack of clarity in your desired result.
  • And the biggest one of all: the "fraud" syndrome that can hit hard, especially after a new business vision and brand have been implemented.

In the Soul Brand process, we solve all of the above problems so that you not only end up with a beautiful online presence for your business, but you also organically work through all of the blocks that stand in the way of utilizing that presence to its utmost.

In today’s world, a website isn’t just a marketing tool, it’s your main connection with your ideal clients and customers and one of the most important reflections of your values and mission. You want to make sure that your gifts, desires, goals, and messaging are truly aligned to get the right signal out in the world and attract your ideal clients and partners so you can fully manifest your passions.


Client Samples


Above are some highlighted sites that are the results of the Soul Brand Journey program. If you'd like to learn more about these and other projects, please review my past co-creations or get the 411 directly from a previous client through my featured case study for Soul Self Astrology & Healing Arts.


About Theresa Pridemore

Sovereign Spirit, High Priestess,
Brand Genius, Web Whisperer


By now, you've gotten to know a bit about me, my approach, and how my work evolved. I'm dedicated and passionate about the work I do, and I love the opportunities I get to co-create with my clients.

I've lived in Portland fourteen years, having grown up in Mississippi, with an early childhood in Germany. I trained as a graphic communications specialist and artist in college and flew to the west coast to make my mark as soon as I was done with my studies. While I made connections easily with people and found myself able to understand any new group and relate, I ultimately knew that I needed to find my tribe. I was the most inside outsider I knew. Well-loved by such an eccentric group of people, and still not somewhere I could fully be my authentic self.

I worked for several companies along my path, learning more about my field and making great friends as I went along. But I still didn't quite fit in, as much as I tried.

The truth was, I was not of the right ilk to work in a traditional office. I eventually realized that I was a Sovereign Spirit, with my own way of doing things. I wasn't stubborn or resistant, I just needed to feel a sense of deep purpose and connection in my work. I also had to be able to honor my own physical and energetic needs as an empathic and energy-sensitive person, both of which suffered greatly in the often political and high stress environments of design and interactive agencies. And most of all, I needed to feel I was honoring my own creativity, having the opportunity to follow my own curiosity and support others in doing the same for themselves. 

After several years of working on my own, I tested this theory once, taking a "real job" for one year because it seemed to make sense at the time. Quite honestly, that experience put back my health and internal sense of well being two or three years; dealing with poor, often tyrannical management; working unreasonable hours; and trying to be a support for wronged, fellow employees took its toll on me. Luckily, I learned what not to do if I wanted to stay sane and happy.  I met my incredible husband at this job, too. 

I also got another bonus: I realized once and for all just how much I loved my business and found myself even more deeply curious about how to make it fully sustain me and those I supported. I would never again fall for someone else's image of what my life and career should look like. I would dedicate myself to living my life authentically and abundantly and support others to do the same.

Now I feel an immense amount of freedom to pursue my creative interests; those that benefit my clients as well as my own artistic projects. I created the popular Portland Tarot deck, acted for one season as a producer on the well-loved live talk show The Late Now, and continue to create short films and digital art in the time I make for myself alongside my client work. I believe in our sacred right to remain curious and engaged in all we do, and I take this realized vision of balance and creative satisfaction to my clients and their endeavors.

I have proven through my own businesses that you can be sustained doing what you love. From seemingly traditional businesses to creative ones, I bring an immense sense of exploration, curiosity, and pragmatism to the work I do. Also, a little bit of a rebel; client's need that when it's time to step out of their comfort zone and fully embrace the badasses that they truly are.



Client Praise

Theresa has many talents that contributed to my business’ re-visioning process: a highly developed intuition; an artistic talent that spans multiple mediums; an enthusiastic, nurturing spirit; and a knack for mirroring back to people their dream, attaching a practical application for how to manifest this personal vision in the everyday world. I couldn’t have done this without Theresa, and I couldn’t recommend working with her to vision and brand your business more highly. With Theresa, you’re in the best of hands that will both nurture and inspire your efforts to create a life you will love.

You played a big part in facilitating the manifestation of my offering to the world through my website. You’re truly gifted at what you do. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to reflect my appreciation and my experience of our collaboration. I could’ve paid someone to do this and walked away with *just* a site. Instead I’ve walked away with a site, with increased awareness and feeling more clear and connected to my truth. That takes ordinary business and infuses it with soul.

What a labor of love. Couldn’t have done it without the incredible help of Theresa Pridemore on the branding and logo. Theresa has many interests and talents, but what I loved most was her respect for representing who I am, rather than who she thinks I should be.

Soul Branding and Sovereignty


When I first started making sites for clients fifteen years ago, there was no simple way to allow them true ownership and control over the content of their site. Thanks to the power of modern content management systems like Squarespace, Wordpress, and Drupal, so much more is possible. I still believe in the importance of putting together stellar content from the outset; however, now you can keep your content up to date on your own schedule.

If you want to create a site that not only looks fabulous, but also works on mobile devices, performs well in search results, shares nicely on social media, connects to your mailing list with ease, sells your products or programs, is easy to update, allows for community involvement, and remains secure, (phew!), well, that’s what I help you do! Right now all of my client websites are built on Squarespace, which includes a lot of great features to let you manage your site on your own after your work with me has been completed. (If your needs are more robust, feel free to contact me to discuss your situation.)

Not only will you fall in love with your new web presence, but it will prove to be an investment that pays many tangible dividends to your business. Time and again, the work I’ve done with my clients has made them more money than they did before they went through the process. And, even if you identify as a spirit-led entrepreneur, the financial growth and sustainability of your business is an important factor that will not only take care of you, but also give you more energy and resources to share with your clients and customers.


The 11 Stages of Sovereign Spirit Soul Branding

My Soul Branding process is organic; one step rolls seamlessly into the next. While each step requires work and dedication, it is far more easeful than trying to tackle everything blindly and in one go. (Have you ever been intimidated by the empty screen of a website you tried to build on your own? Then you know the feeling.)

Together we find the natural flow for your evolution that leads to a perfect-for-you result. And because you are a Sovereign Spirit, we do it in a way that will help you finish with a sense of independence, ownership, and empowerment to do even more on your own.

Here are the  evolutionary stages of the Sovereign Spirit Soul Branding process:



We evaluate where you are in your business plan and what will most serve you on a spiritual and emotional level. This may include examining all of your passions, personal missions, and goals to find the way it all perfectly synchronizes together in one key path that potential clients and customers will easily understand.



Now that you know what you really want out of your business on a core level, we identify who your ideal clients and customers are and how they align with what you want to offer. We also define the qualities that make an ideal client, and how you and your client work together to achieve your mutual dreams. By identifying your Soul Tribe, you assure that you are speaking to the people who will most align with what you offer.


We evaluate your offerings to hone in on the most juicy, unique, and exciting (to you and your client) offerings so that you can amplify your profit, time management, and enjoyment of your work.


This is where the rubber hits the road. Will your offerings allow you to fill your own cup, tend to self care, and cover your expenses? Here you will come up with a plan to achieve your goals and take care of your own needs.



This is where things get exciting. With the completion of steps 1-4, you will now know if your business name and direction is in alignment with your Soul Work and Soul Tribe. This is when you confirm your business name (or rename your business), identify your tagline and unique value proposition. It’s probably also where you will start to feel all tingly and on fire with purpose and clear direction.


By this point, you will have done a lot of Soul searching! Under my detailed guidance and support, you will begin generating the content for all of your materials, including your site page content, introductory video pitch (if you've chosen this feature) and beginning email/sales funnels. If you’ve opted to have a logo designed, then this will also occur in tandem with your content development. At the end of this process, you will have a robust content plan ready for your site. If you have a photographer you are working with, you will also receive guidance on the right kind of imagery to support your brand and online materials.



We will meet up for a day to make sure that you have all of your technical  details in alignment for your Website VIP days. You bring your laptop and we do it all side-by-side so you can get familiar with all of your accounts, from e-mail to hosting, and more. (You will never have to ask me for a password for your site, ever!)


One excellent homepage video is worth its weight in gold. In an era of ever-decreasing attention spans, the best way to make a connection with your Soul Tribe is by delivering your message with your own passionate voice. But there is a special sauce to this video day: because we have worked together for two months and I have a deep familiarity with your business, I am able to support you in sharing your Soul Self via video in a way most aligned with your marketing and goals.

With this Video VIP day, you get one day of shooting on a mutually-chosen location (in the Portland Metro area) and one day of post-production for a final two minute video to appear on your homepage. When you witness the final result, you will see yourself delivering your clear, resonant Soul Brand on screen and you will no longer wonder if you are capable of this new and improved you. It will be perfectly apparent.



We meet up for two days to work side-by-side on your Squarespace-powered site. You get to contribute to design decisions along the way and watch as I configure and utilize many of the online tools for the full realization of your Online Temple of Attraction. I will educate you on basic usage of each tool as we go.

In between days I may recommend that I take your site back to my office for a day to finish necessary items so that we can make the most of our time together. You will leave the last day feeling confident about your site and how to make updates on your own going forward, and we will stay in touch for the day after via email about any other changes that need to be made.



After your VIP days you will likely wish to make tweaks and adjustments to your site. If you’re feeling fuzzy on how to do anything or simply would like a bit more input on the content, you will have unlimited email access to me for two weeks.



Wow, congratulations, you’ve worked hard to get here! At this point you will have a fine-tuned business engine, designed to generate and collect a tribe of potential clients and customers, to express your passions and share your offerings. But even better than this, you now have a basic business plan that meets your practical and spiritual goals. Expect to feel thrilled to share your message, clear about what to tell others about what you do and how you do it, and totally in alignment with your new business vision.


Package Review


Need to see about more detail about what comes with your Soul Brand Journey and Temple of Attraction Website Program? No problem. Here's all you will receive when we work together...

The four week Soul Brand Program where you get:

  • Soul Brand and business vision clarity
  • Ideal client identification
  • Package and pricing coaching
  • Naming consulting for your business and programs
  • Basic advice on any program ideas
  • A tagline and unique value proposition
  • A deeper understand how all visual elements play in your brand materials

A two week Content and Funnel Development Program with:

  • A site map and menu strategy
  • Support in developing all your site content, including online forms
  • Support in developing a basic funnel and lead generator for your site
  • Feedback and basic editing, with an eye toward brand strategy
  • Consulting on any photography or video you may develop for your site
  • And finished content with which to build a site.

Two to three Site Building VIP days where I:

  • Help you set up your needed online services, like email, domain name, hosting, newsletter service, video and audio streaming, appointment scheduling, basic ecommerce, and your Squarespace account
  • Collaborate with you, sitting side by side as I build your website to our mutually agreed upon specifications
  • Customize a Squarespace theme to fit your brand
  • And help you get to a finished web site that includes a beautiful landing page, robust and informative content to attract your ideal client, new client development strategies, and lead generation tools.

ADD-ONS (additional cost):

  • Online Program Creation Workshop
  • Custom Logo Design

And, because I know you are a busy business owner who needs to schedule your time appropriately, let me share with you what is will be involved on your end. 

Your likely time investment:

  • Soul Brand Journey (4 weeks): 
    4 hours per week on worksheets, 1-1.5 hours per week on calls
  • Content & Funnel Development Program (2 weeks): 
    6-12 hours per week on content development, 1-1.5 hours per week on calls
  • VIP Days (2-3 days): 
    4-6 hours each day
  • Follow Up Support (2 weeks): 
    4 hours per week on site adjustments

The Sovereign Spirit Lifestyle

Supported by Your Soul Brand
and Online Temple of Attraction


There is a strong connection between lifestyle and a successful web presence. Here are the myriad ways a well-functioning Soul Brand and Online Temple of Attraction can positively affect your life, both personally and in your business:

  • When you attract your ideal customers and co-creators, you look forward to your days and the people you get to spend your time with.
  • When your site does the heavy lifting to communicate your vision, values, offerings, and content, your time in consultations, sales calls, and networking situations becomes more focused and effortless. You spend more of your time developing relationships with people who are already warm leads and somewhat informed about you. Moreover, you know that if you are talking to someone who has spent time getting to know you online, they are far more likely to be a fan of your work already, without having had to experience you as much in person.
  • When your lead generation tools are on autopilot, working hard on your behalf to entice, engage, and educate potential customers and clients, you have more free time to explore your curiosity, exercise your creativity, or enjoy your home life.
  • When you have a clear and authentic brand, developing content, programs, and connecting with your tribe becomes joyful, fun, and simple. Some days it will even feel like play.
  • When you understand on a deep level every tool, technology strategy, and brand mechanism you have in place and why it is there, you feel more openness to working with those systems and putting them to profitable use for your business.
  • When you feel clear on how to communicate about yourself, you spend more time enjoying your connections, networking, and new client relations and less energy worried about what you will say next. This gives you a deep sense of spaciousness that permeates your quiet moments and leaves room for daydreaming and visualization.
  • When the basics of your brand and business are fully realized, you are freed up to experiment with new ideas and clearer on how it all ties to your big picture. Smaller projects with a big picture view have a better success rate, are easier to maintain, and tend to have greater chance at longevity. With longevity, your projects and programs will have the chance to evolve and change with the clarified or changing needs of your client base. When you take the long, big picture view, you can spend less time rushing from thing to thing, and take more time to do things the "right" way... and stay sane doing them, too.
  • When you know who your clients are, you spend less time chasing wrong fits and less energy trying to be ten different people for ten different audiences. Spend all that money and time on the vacation you probably never get to take!
  • When your business brand is fully aligned with your values and mission, when you feel totally comfortable being visible as the spiritual, intuitive being you are, this creates a deep feeling of brand integrity that everyone around you will notice and be moved by. The right customers are drawn to this kind of alignment; the joy you will feel in giving others permission to be their truest selves within your shared work will fill your cup and give you a deep sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Every day that you feel like a High Priestess in your life and business is another day where you get to feel a deep appreciation for you, for those you come in contact with, and for your own connection with spirit. When you feel like an empowered and sovereign being in your own world, goodness permeates your life and you manifest those things you desire with much greater ease.
  • When you work beyond any inner limits you may have imposed around your value or your pricing models as relates to your ideal client and the kind of work you do, you have a chance to re-evaluate your relationship with money and how it can flow into your business and into your life. That awareness alone can bring great change, and will inform all of your strategy going forward.
  • When you love your brand; when your brand genuinely feels like you; when you feel a beaming joy to share your message via your website... you take that expansion into the rest of your world, and into the work do and into the relationships you have with the people you serve. Everyone wins.

In short...

A Soul Brand and Online Temple of Attraction is an Essential Business Tool for a Sovereign Spirit

Are you ready to begin your own Soul Brand Journey, or curious if this might be the right path for you to get your brand and website together? Take the Soul Brand Assessment and you can get a free half hour consultation with me to discuss your questions, challenges, and opportunities. We can chart a path that makes sense for you and your needs.