Soul Brand Evolution

6 Month Mentorship Program


If you've been in business awhile, you know by now that branding, just like business, is an evolving journey.

If you have seen successful brands in the world and found yourself comparing your business unfavorably or thinking you are doing something wrong, here's the truth—every brand gets where it is through a winding path. There is no "snap your fingers" magic solution.

Why is that? I mean, shouldn't we be able to just "download" the information from our higher self and be good to go?

Of course, you know that doesn't really work. Yes, we do get downloaded insights, but our brand changes as we change, and those downloads evolve our vision and efforts over time.

Sometimes the new messages we get about where we are meant to take our brand can feel confusing. After all, there are steps we must take to execute that brand effectively, from clear client mockups, to messaging, to visuals, to marketing. While the messages may feel clear, the path to achieving them are not always so crystal.

What was the key to that awesome brand you witnessed, that called forth a new aspiration in you? I guarantee that the person (or, more usually, the people) behind it spent some quality time asking deep questions about what their brand needed to do for them, what the heart of that brand was, and how to most effectively implement those brand ideas across all their materials, on- and off-line.

Maybe you know deep down that your business evolution is calling you forth into a more effective and authentic presentation of your work. That you are looking for a new kind of client base. That you are ready to tap both practical and magical tools to achieve your desires.

If you are looking for a brand and business partner who can:

  • hold sacred space to witness the genius of your evolving vision back to you, capturing your brilliance and framing it in exciting new brand and business strategies that are extensions of your own vision and inspirations,
  • recommend strategies that are organic extensions of how your business already flows through you
  • hold a container for accountability to help you make progress on concrete aspects of your brand expansion, and pragmatic ideas for how to do it, with your current time and financial picture,
  • offer suggestions and ideas from a base of over a decade of experience in branding, web development, business strategy, and visual design,
  • and connect you to a wealth of resources and people who could help you fulfill your vision,

then I would love to be your mentor and support on this brand evolution journey.

The Program

The Brand Evolution Mentorship Program is simple, but the results are profound.

We work together over 6 months, strategizing your brand evolution with a one hour virtual meeting each month, with the exception of the first month, where we will meet for two hours so I can get clear on your vision and needs and begin mapping out a plan for you.

After your first session I will send you a suggested plan for the remaining time we will work together. This may evolve! However, having a plan in view sets the tone for a productive experience.

You will also have email access during the whole time, where you may ask me questions about resources, bounce quick ideas off of me, or share any inner challenges that might be getting you stuck.

This makes it possible for you to keep evolving your brand picture according to what is showing up for you in your business month-to-month, while building a vision for success for the year to come.

Clarity is Key

Is this right for you? Will it help you with the particular goals you are envisioning or the challenges you are facing? I'd love to hear more about what you are working on and give you some clarity about how the offer might suit your needs.

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