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High Priestess of Business,
Meet Your Online Temple.


I guide spirit-led business owners in how to rock their soul brand, expand their love-led mission, deepen their creative expression, and embrace powerful prosperity.

Are you ready to fully claim your sovereignty?


The Sovereign Vision


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The Destination for Your Soul Brand Journey

Your passion, made manifest.

We’ll go deep into your heart to find the gold of your brand. If your love is obvious, people will love you for it.


Your tribe, connected.

When your brand and online platform sings to the needs of your tribe, you can achieve your personal goals with greater ease.


Your expertise, made visible.

I’ll help you showcase your expertise from a place of strength, attracting your ideal clients and partners.


Your creativity and intuition, honored.

It takes everyone’s creative fire and intuitive wisdom to ensure great results. Let me support you to find the right path for you.


On Being a Sovereign Spirit


Does it feel impossible for you to do anything else but live life on your terms, no matter the challenges? I can relate. As an artist, communications consultant, Web specialist, and intuitive, I didn't really find peace until I gave myself the divine Yes I’d been waiting for others to give me — to forge my own path. That's why I created Sovereign Spirit, a company that supports people like you and me in creating businesses and websites that actually support their dreams and shine their light fully.

You are a sovereign spirit if:

  • You are a visionary, creative being who seeks to make an authentic, powerful impact on the world in the way that only you can.

  • You value the role of intuition and your own higher knowing in your work.

  • You are focused on creating a life and business that truly sustains you and allows you to care for those you serve from a full cup.

  • You are here to forge your own path, unapologetically.

I’m here to support you doing your highest work and connecting with the people you are divinely destined to work with, empowered to claim your full value and voice in your work.

At the core of my work is a process called Soul Branding. Soul Branding is about the deep Why, Who, and How of your work.

To claim a Soul Brand you have to:

  • Be willing to stand out fully for what you love.

  • Be ready to say goodbye to scarcity and struggle.

  • Be on fire to embrace your own sovereign path and personal mission.

Creating your Soul Brand is deep soul work; it's a quest to create your online temple of attraction and powerful Soul Leadership Platform. I will be your guide, helping you tap into the astral blueprint of your business and make it fully three-dimensional in your life and connected with your soul tribe online.

This powerful Soul Brand will help you shine your light, live your meaning, and sustain your sovereignty so that you can continue to do your work from an empowered place. I will hold space for your unfolding through this process, honoring your intuition and using my own gifts to help you find the best path forward and create a brand that will be joyful to implement each day. With that foundation in place, you’ll be able to attract clients and income with great ease and flow, bringing your healing work and powerful leadership to more people who need it.

My name is Theresa Pridemore, and I’m the owner of Sovereign Spirit, where spirit-led business owners come to amplify their impact through deeply powerful branding. Fill out my free Soul Brand Assessment to get started. I’d love to talk to you more about your business and help you more fully share your unique gift with the world, and increase your own well-being while you do it.


Your Temple of Attraction

A successful brand is the reflection of a clear business vision and irresistible offering. It educates, informs, and builds relationships.

Your brand has the power to live as a temple to your ideals, goals, and heroine's journey. Most of all, it has the power to attract the perfect clients and collaborators to experience your services and pay you what you deserve (so you can be resourced to live even more of your purpose); in essence, to fulfill the true meaning in your calling. When you do that, humanity wins.


Dear Future Co-Creator,

You are a passionate business owner who is creating a new path for your business. You are ready to forge an inspired, new purpose out of the hot coals of a business you've already proven. You're an empath, an intuitive, highly sensitive, or a healer. You have an abundance of gifts to share and are ready to find a way to share them cohesively. You realize it's time to come out of hiding and claim the full value for the work you do. 


Some Satisfied Co-Creators...

Signing up with Theresa has been like “hitching my wagon to a star” – or switching from ‘Regular’ to high-octane fuel. She is a brilliant, intuitive, compassionate, and insightful coach. She is also an ever-flowing fountain of well-targeted ideas that are helping me to move my very quirky Calling out into the mainstream and onto the Path of Success.

I’d been fearless in promoting other people’s work but virtually absent when it came to promoting my own. With Theresa’s wise counsel, I’ve been finding my backbone and expanding my wingspread to share myself more fully in the world.

I believe Theresa was made for this moment – when so many of us are seeking to introduce transforming new ideas, products and services into a culture that has been blinded by sameness to the possibilities of greater beauty, wisdom, truth and kindness. Her seamless blend of business acumen, creative genius and practical magic has the power, I believe, to help us make our impossible dreams inevitable realities.
— Laurel Airica, Communications Consultant & Educational Entertainer, Word Magic Global

As someone who’s a spiritual practitioner with a business background and education, I need someone who speaks both languages while also being able to give me actual strategies to support me. As I’m already developed when it comes to branding and what I offer, it often proves challenging for me to find coaches and advisors who are able to blend intuition with actionable business strategies, and if you’ve been having the same problem, look no further!

It has honestly been such a pleasure working with Theresa, her coaching style is a perfect blend of helping you make quick, practical shifts and feeling into what decisions are best for YOU - allowing you to sit in the driver’s seat at all times. She’s able to not just consult, but she’s also able to tune into your specific needs beyond that by holding space for your emotional process (which, let’s be honest, business can be incredibly emotional).

A few things she’s been able to help me tackle: invest in the right equipment to level up even further, help me use my mailing list to actually make money rather than just sit there, and show me my mindset blocks as they come up! One of the biggest things she’s been able to help me with is take content that I was originally going to use for marketing, and charge for it instead - now I’m making hundreds more every month just for making that small tweak. Now things have gotten so busy that I feel like I’ve finally got my mojo back to keep hustling the way I need to.

Oh… do you hear that dial tone? My business is off the hook.
— Sydney Finn, Intuitive Reader & Teacher, Onyx Healing

Theresa has many talents that contributed to my business’s re-visioning process: a highly developed intuition; an artistic talent that spans multiple mediums; an enthusiastic, nurturing spirit; and a knack for mirroring back to people their dream, attaching a practical application for how to manifest this personal vision in the everyday world. I couldn’t have done this without Theresa, and I couldn’t recommend working with her to vision and brand your business more highly. With Theresa, you’re in the best of hands that will both nurture and inspire your efforts to create a life you will love.
— Mari Saint-Pierre, Transformational Astrologer

You played a big part in facilitating the manifestation of my offering to the world through my website. You’re truly gifted at what you do. I could’ve paid someone to do this and walked away with *just* a site. Instead I’ve walked away with a site, with increased awareness and feeling more clear and connected to my truth. That takes ordinary business and infuses it with soul.
— Micah Stover, Coach & Consultant for Visionary Creators

Theresa has many interests and talents, but what I loved most was her respect for representing who I am, rather than who she thinks I should be. Theresa, what a walk.
— Kim Cottrell, Feldenkrais Practitioner