The 11-Fold Path of the Sovereign Spirit


I am a sovereign spirit. I thrive in an environment of my own making. I craft my time and space to support my life as a dynamic creative and intuitive. My keywords in life are listeningperseverance, and curiosity

Any creative person knows that great things are only achieved through receptivity and a willingness to stay the course through the inevitable confusion; to show up every day to do the work. That journey and how we travel it is what defines us, as much as our willingness to share it with others.

I believe in the power of self and individuality; that claiming our individuality is one of the most basic and necessary of human rights. Sometimes we have to fight for it, to shake off the programming and structures we have bought into for the sake of survival: in essence, to stay a part of the tribe and remain free from exile. Chances are, if you are reading this, at some point in your life you felt like a misfit — a round peg in a square hole — and you did your best to fit in so you could stay connected to the human race, to keep ahold of necessities and comforts, to belong to those you felt you cared for. It’s a common story for those of us on the fringes. Thankfully, after awhile, we learn to shake this off and heed the call that comes from deep within. If we don't come to this lesson on our own, then the Universe will put lessons in our path to teach us to heal our bondage and rediscover our birthright.

1. A sovereign spirit understands that her individuality is her birthright and source of power. Her unique approach to life makes her special and sacred.


Here’s what I feel. That survival story we were fed is just that — a story. The belief that we need to appease the tribe doesn’t align with our deepest truth. We chafe at the feeling of constriction because we know on a deep level that we are meant to be free.

2. A sovereign spirit seeks a lifestyle of freedom and takes steps to align with her true, expansive nature.

As visionary creators, we are destined to stand out, to push the edge of what most people find comfortable. It is our right and privilege to explore and chart this leading edge. It truly is a gift. Even if it feels like a burden at times, we truly can discover our own joyful path through this terrain, and shake off the old archetype of the wounded healer.

3. A sovereign spirit's inquisitive nature leads her on a heroine's journey; she knows her journey and how she travels it truly matters.

We are not conquistadors, shouting the hollow successes of a 6 or 7 figure income from the rooftops; we are creators, adventurers, heroines, explorers, discoverers, makers, seers... creating our own bold, beautiful lifestyle that nurtures and fills us, whether that vision is decorated via means modest or ample.

We find peace with our desires and take steps to achieve them, finding our own supple, nurturing, and expressive path. In doing so, we honor our one wild, passionate, and creative voice.

4. A sovereign spirit lives in honest, vulnerable dialogue with her deepest drives and desires.

We naturally feel constriction when we hear messages that have been rehashed over and over again to the point of meaninglessness, because the expansion within us seeks meaning, newness, ideas fresh and full of vitality. We are proud of our abilities for discernment, especially when witnessing orchestrated messages that are led by someone else's agenda and do not wholly have our own highest good at the core of their delivery.

5. A sovereign spirit can lean on the knowledge of others, but ultimately must find her own way to her own truth.


We know on a deep level that we are destined to live our lives in alignment with exploration, play, and fulfillment, that we have a right to crest that next hill with the winds of a supportive universe in our hair and our own song in our throats. 

I believe that we exist on this earth to be who we are, not the result of some pre-packaged ideology. Authenticity vibrates. It isn’t as lonely as we were led to believe as children. It entices a new tribe, it creates deeper connection and more meaningful living. We celebrate individuals who fully fill up their bodies with their truest selves. 

I thrill in supporting others to do just this by fully claiming the power of the businesses they have created and the role of their personal gifts and personality in their work. I have heard many times that people who consult with me leave each meeting with a “yes” thrumming through their being. Things once impossible become possible. Being witnessed for who we truly are helps us give ourselves a level of permission to be whole that is greater than any other gift we can receive.

6. A sovereign spirit must feel a deep level of permission to be her truest self.

This is the work that allows me to be grounded in joyful service and supplements my life as a creative in other areas. I am also an artist, producer, filmmaker, writer, and intuitive reader. I have wrapped up many of my gifts in my client work because it keeps me integrous and unfractured; I also direct my schedule so that I can best support my clients while giving myself ample opportunity to develop my own creative projects. In this way I remain whole, vital, resourceful, and truly give the greatest service I can to those I work with.

7. A sovereign spirit requires a creative life to feel complete and unconstrained.

Life has shown me that a life of integrity — i.e. being whole and integrated — is possible. And so I model this vibration for my clients, who are often highly creative women who are seeking honor all their sovereign gifts within their daily work.

8. A sovereign spirit must live a life with integrity — acting from a place of alignment with her inner reality & Beliefs.

As I learn for myself, I share my learnings with my clients. I am able to support them fully, because I have fully supported myself. I know all the challenges they experience intimately, because I have experienced them in my own creative ventures, experimenting and taking risks in my own life so that I can continue to stay up to date and relevant to their own in-the-moment needs. I take care of myself first because I have learned that this is the greatest way to care for others.

9. A sovereign spirit must put on her own oxygen mask before helping others, and must be willing to allow nourishment, sustainability, and a spirit of plenty in her life so others may benefit from her expansion.

Like you, I am a culmination of a multitude of interests and experiences, and am crafting a life of full embodiment of myself and my gifts, so that all of my pieces may be in service to one another.


I often bust out the intuitive tools with my client work, as these are essential to my life of flow and creative discovery. Besides being a brand and web whisperer, I am also a Tarot reader and Tarot artist. The entrepreneurial path is fraught with muddy, confusing spots (delightfully balanced out with delightful eurekas and ahas), and anything I co-create with clients opens up questions that sometimes need a nudge from Spirit to get on an aligned path. I’ve worked with over a hundred business owners to expand their horizons, and I bring that to the table; whether it’s the Tarot table or the brainstorming table, I'm ready to get through it with those with whom I collaborate.

10. A sovereign spirit must give herself space to explore her intuition and gut instincts safely.

It’s time for you to claim your fullest self and your grandest visions, to claim your role as a sovereign in your life and business. Just bring your toys, your intuition, and your playful spirit. You have everything you need now to take that next step. Don't wait another second to cast your spell.

11. A sovereign spirit must act on her inner knowing, to trust in her right to fulfill her vision, and to know deeply that her voice is her gift to us all. 

If you're ready to step into the next evolution of your business, message, and mission, then I would love to share that journey with you. Simply select a time to talk and fill out the accompanying assessment to qualify for some time with me and we will discuss the possibilities that are the best fit for you and where you want to take your business.

A Bonus Offering for my Fellow Sovereign Spirits…

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