I’m an Empress of Empowerment, Priestess of Business, and “Queen of the Misfits.” My clients are women in Spirit-led businesses who work in (or draw their gifts from) the realms of “the weird and the woo.” I support them in healing the “witch wound” so they can step into their most powerful work and make the money they truly deserve for their unique and world-expanding gifts.

Through a powerful journey of archetypal initiation — grounded in my 20+ years in online communications strategy — I guide my client roster of healers, coaches, creatives, and emerging thought leaders to bust through glass ceilings of internal limitations to claim and name their own awesome (and sometimes weird) superpowers. 

I’m a self-identified misfit, having spent my earliest formative years in Germany, then moving all over Mississippi until I settled down in Portland, Oregon after my last year of college.

As an empathic and creative girl in a family rife with alcohol issues and mental instability (with a mother who had borderline personality disorder), my skills went on overload trying to keep the peace and stay safe (a common early story for most highly sensitive people.) 

I moved frequently, re-creating community wherever I went, collecting all the people who were odd, had unusual talents, or didn’t quite fit in. I had a natural ability to support the "crazy" dreams and unique talents of others and expand their field of possibility.

Through my long career path as a graphic artist, web designer/developer, brand manager, and online strategist for small-to-medium businesses and non-profits — combined with my personal journey of mastering my own intuitive gifts and personal powers of “the woo” — I finally began to deeply understand the energetic, ancestral, and past life patterns that were working against my highly sensitive clients (who always seemed to “magically” find me) as they stepped into realms of greater visibility.

After noticing and working with several key archetypes and archetypal shifts that changed everything for my clients, I heard the call to channel a system of archetypes specifically geared toward Spirit-led women in business. The concepts and techniques that "came through" went past the usual online strategies (that I had once learned, taught, and used) to get right to the heart of the frequency shifts that lightworkers in the spotlight need to make in order to run their businesses with confidence and flow.

At that moment I knew there was no going back. The message I heard repeatedly, for myself and those I worked with was: "The old ways won't work anymore. It's time to operate from a new place of power."

It took a little while, but I finally listened. ;)

(I’m still known to drop a powerful technical or strategic twist in calls, because the Tech Goddess and Web Whisperer side of me will never go away.)

As to my own "gifts of woo," I am a channeler, energy reader, Tarot reader, and high-powered creative manifestress. I have a soul spark in Divine Love & Healing, as well as one in Divine Power & Manifestation. I’ve been identified as a Dream Master, Restoration Master, Explorer, and Master of Design in Biology.

My Archetypal Title is, “The Road Opener.”

I also moonlight as my alter ego, Lady Doom/Agnes Dominksi, who I occasionally bring to life in order to model to other women in Spirit-led businesses how to move past societally- and/or self-imposed beliefs they may face about needing to “stay small.” From this “Trickster” play, they can see new ways to step past old blocks and confidently stand out for their creative visions, whether they choose to tap into their own internal, bolder "alter ego" and the archetypal energies it represents, or simply indulge in the occasional "shadow play" to shake their edges loose.

Through my work within Sovereign Spirit, I help emerging thought leaders to fully claim their genius by addressing the deeper challenges that Spirit-led entrepreneurs face, and by establishing a soul-aligned path and clear core message that helps them go bigger with their expression, service, and thriving.

In my spare time, I’ve been writing the last few chapters of my book on archetypal mastery for Spirit-led business owners and its accompanying deck of oracle cards (TBA), I watch funny shows and sci-fi films with my saintly husband Jefferson, I hang out with our "part-time" cat Loki whenever he comes around, and I’m currently working to produce a web series (or two).

I’m also the creator of The Sovereign Oracle (a deck designed for visionary creatives on the go) and The Portland Tarot (a whimsical 23 card Tarot deck featuring people, places, and concepts of the rainy city of roses.)

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