Consistently throughout my life, I have been an artist, storyteller, and technology explorer. My web building obsession started when I was eighteen, when I built a robust, well-known community fan site for the movie, "Labyrinth."  Before that, I kept busy writing fan novels and fortune telling games on my trusty old Tandy computer, illustrating hobbits and talking mice with pen and ink, snapping photos on my mother’s cracked Nikon, and unfolding the mysteries of Corel Draw on my dad’s computer. I started many micro-businesses in my youth, always curious about how I could sustain my own interests financially through fun endeavors, even as a kid.

I have never stopped being curious, even as I have learned to fine tune and scale my own business to be of better service to others.

I have a degree in Fine Arts, with an emphasis in Graphic Communication. And as soon as I graduated from college, I flew fast from Mississippi to Portland so I could finally live among “my” people. (i.e.: fellow weirdos and sensitives, people who have saved my life and then some.)

I’ve worked at a variety of interactive agencies, from LucasArts to, and I’ve taken every opportunity throughout my work history to better acquaint myself with design, printing, and web building. Though I now so thoroughly love my life as a sovereign, I cherished these jobs as learning opportunities and the source of many friendships and joyful collaborations.

I work from my heart. I care a lot about the “whys” that bring myself and others to The Work, and I cherish the relationships I have with my clients.  I am careful about who I work with, because I fully invest myself the success of every client I partner with. It’s a sacred relationship.

I would love to bring my twenty years of experience to you and your business vision.

P.S. Want more details? Check out my full resume and work history on LinkedIn.


About My Work

The Web was Always my Playground

All throughout my life, I have been a bit of a technology addict. From an early age, I loved video games, making friends on the early days of online bulletin boards, learning to write code, mastering graphic design software, and building web sites before it was "a thing." Then I grew up and giddily followed a career path that let me implement these skills, and more.

During a college internship I worked at my inner twelve year old’s dream job, designing graphic interfaces for video games at LucasArts. My jobs have ranged the gamut: the graphic design department at Kinko's, designing and running a photo studio's website and gallery, and making over a dozen websites during my tenure at my university's web team. When I moved to Portland I enjoyed three years at a lovely interactive agency in Portland called Curiosity Group. Over my many design and web-based jobs I became versed in all the things the web had to offer and excelled in many areas from design to code.

When I kicked off my own web design business in 2006, I never would have guessed I would have ended up making Soul Brands and Online Temples for intuitive business owners.

Web Design is More than Design & Code

Over time, I noticed many trends in my work. I seemed to attract a lot of clients in the wellness, healing, and intuitive career paths. This only grew stronger as I grew my own intuitive and energy healing gifts for my own personal health and well-being. I noticed that, as I grew these gifts, I was able to support my clients on a deeper level than ever before. And I started to uncover that many of my clients shared these gifts, whether they were "out" about it or not.


Empathic DESIGN

People usually called me up and told me what they needed was a logo or website. I would take on the job and get to work. I had a knack for intuiting the voice and spirit of the client after a couple of conversations. People loved their logos or websites (or whatever else they had hired me to create) and would declare the final product to be uniquely them. They felt validated, heard, and deeply seen. They would take their new website out and show it off, and that would be that. Unless they needed more, our relationship would end. I’d get my check and we’d go our separate ways, until they needed something else from me.

I watched clients after that. Some of them knew exactly what to do with their sites; they felt empowered and took that creation far. Some of them seemed to let it languish or weren’t sure where to go next. I wanted big success for these clients. And I realized that what was missing wasn’t anything on their part; they needed a better process.


I had been paying attention to my process for awhile. I found that much of my process didn’t include typical web-designer-y things. Client calls would be packed with business coaching. Helping people name their businesses. Defining their product offerings more clearly. Shaping their marketing language. Planning out their email funnels and social media campaigns. Calling people into a more balanced, self-valuing pricing of their services. I spent a long time wondering how to make it clear to people that these things were actually necessary parts of the process, that they weren’t just hiring me to make a website.

Of course, it was my job to stake my claim first as a creative consultant, intuitive, and visionary support and then make the website a natural result of that work. In time, I saw that what I needed most to do was focus on the process and find a way to simplify the technical aspect for people.

Mostly, though, I realized the greatest need was to shift the energy of the client so that they could fully embrace the new self that this website was meant to embody. To take them from feeling the possibility of this new vision and to embrace the reality of it. To move with me through the process of creation instead of handing it off to me, and to feel empowered and included in what was created. And most importantly, to witness themselves as this new version of themselves; to see themselves as sovereign, successful, and inspiring in the resulting shared business vision.

Soul Branding: My Big Picture Solution for a Successful Online Presence

Over the last two years I have been refining a process I call Soul Branding, to support clients in just the way I described above. Together we go through a series of exercises where we collaborate on your business vision, from the smallest to biggest details, and help you find a deeper understanding about what you offer and who you are offering it to. Other things we cover is how to make a successful foundation that will support you fully and how to reach your audience and communicate clearly in a way that will feel authentic to you and resonate with your tribe. And finally, to create a website and vision that you feel you can grow and manage on your own as much as you would like to; after all, a brand is not a static thing, and it must be able to live and breathe at your side, to grow as you grow.

INTRODUCING the High Priestess of Business: A Co-Creator, Brand Genius, and Web Whisperer for Your Business Dreams

So, if I’m not a web designer, what am I? I’ve been called a Brand Genius, Business Seer, Intuitive Artist, Purveyor of Joy, Web Whisperer, Creative Concierge. Ultimately, I think of myself as a High Priestess and Empress of businesses online.

And I don’t do any of it alone, as my clients are the true heroines on this path; it is a journey for the strong of heart, meant for those who are truly ready to step into the life they’ve been dreaming of.

If it is something you are ready to embrace, then I will eagerly walk that road by your side and help you understand how to make the most of the tools at your disposal.

Are you ready to fully claim your sovereignty with a Soul Brand and Online Temple of Attraction? If so, I would love to have an opportunity to guide you along the path.