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Soul Brand Breakthrough Empress Retreat - Your Heroine's Journey

Your Key to Brand Alignment, Tribe Attraction, & a Meaningful, Spirit-Led Offering

May 20 & 21 | Saturday and Sunday | 9am to 5pm each day

Salty Teacup’s "Experience" Room

morning refreshments & lunch provided


Claim YOUR Sacred Fire & Shine it Brightly

At the core of every offering is a healing purpose. The healing can be small or large: a smile, a sense of improved wellness, a voice no longer silenced... a soul awakening.

You have innate gifts and soul yearnings that are calling out for a deeper expression — in how you share those gifts (your business) and how you share that business with the world (your brand)

We have lifetimes marked by wounding around visibility and vulnerability — qualities the world needs from women, now more than ever. By healing these wounds you may shine ever brighter, fully claim your creative space on this earth, and energetically align yourself to your soul tribe — those people with whom you made a contract before this lifetime to share your mission and gifts (your clients)