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Soul Brand Strategy & Online Business Mentorship


My core offerings are group programs that teach you to be an empowered, high-vibing Brand Manager for your Spirit-led business.

From time-to-time I open slots for one-on-one mentorship and unique experiences to work with me.


If there’s anything I’ve learned over 13 years supporting Spirit-led women in business, it’s that they absolutely MUST be their own brand managers and be in charge of the HIGH VIBE frequency of their image and message.

The problem is, it gets really easy to assume that you can hire a graphic and web designer and all the work for your brand is done…

Unfortunately, that leaves other people in the driver’s seat on crafting and implementing the energetic frequency of what you are putting out there. (Which sounds tempting… It’s pretty challenging to step into greater visibility, no matter how much work you’ve done in this area.) And it ignores the real places your brand lives day-to-day… Your messaging, your “in the world” visibility, and your own powerful, personal Archetypal Soul Brand Essence.

In this 10 week group program, I teach High Vibe, Spirit-Led healers, coaches, and lightworkers how to step into powerful archetypal energy that will transform your brand and business, and attract the ideal clients who are ready to pay you more for the powerful transformation you offer.

If you are ready to learn POWER TOOLS for being in charge of a high-vibe brand and powerful messaging platform that will help you step out of referral-only business and into a leadership platform focused on your higher purpose, working from your core gifts, then this group program is the thing to help you step into that new vibration.

We go beyond fluffy magical/manifestation principles and into the nitty gritty of how to channel archetypal energy through your messaging to finally begin to get those upleveled results you know you are ready for.

If you are feeling called to join us, the next enrollment period is opening soon! Keep on the lookout for more info on this transformative brand calibration (and ultimately, your own power amplification in your business).

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I am currently not taking any new one-on-one breakthrough sessions. If you would like to explore getting support with me, the best way at this time is through my group program offerings.