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Co-Creative Services


I offer a variety of packages to meet the branding and web design needs of spirit-led entrepreneurs. Most of my offerings are done on a flat-fee basis, built on foundational processes that I have refined through many years working with soulful business owners—so there are no surprise expenses. 

Take a look at my services below, and and contact me with your questions and any specific needs you'd like to discuss.


Sometimes you just need a nudge in the right direction. Or to just take a moment to get your bearings and figure out what a right direction might be, before you commit to a new, bold endeavor. I've got you covered.

If your needs feel more ambiguous, or you just need to move through some confusion, then I would love to work with you in a one-on-one Soul Brand Breakthrough session. Here are some examples of things I’ve helped folks do in past sessions:

  • Tap into the unique energy, spirit, and personality of the entity that is their business, and how they relate and connect to it.
  • Figure out what they really love doing in their work, and how to focus on it even more.
  • Explore what to name their business.
  • Come up with a meaningful and fun tagline.
  • Get clearer on their target audience.
  • Set their prices, in a way that they could truly own and make sense of on paper.
  • Highlight their strengths in order to focus on them, and figure out how to delegate their weaknesses to other resources.
  • Decide where to go next with their marketing budget.
  • Get a loose plan in place for their branding.
  • Figure out how to update their newsletters.
  • Fix bugs on their web site.
  • Brainstorm blog posts and strategy.
  • Uncover new ways to connect with their target customer.
  • Do Tarot readings about what is really blocking them in their work.
  • Read the energy or astral blueprint on their business and clear any stuck energy or misaligned expectations.
  • Meet in person to guide them through a technical aspect of their site or programs that is causing them grief or confusion.

Here are two ways you can choose to work with me in a single session.

Soul Brand Breakthrough Session

A 2 hour session over Skype, Google Hangouts, or phone, with a half-hour follow up call to check in on questions or progress.

Deep Dive Day

Need a tune-up on your existing Soul Brand, help strategizing a new program, or support with some technical area of your site? Then you may want a more in-depth VIP day to get some focused attention on your specific concerns.

Your VIP day will be held over Skype, Google Hangouts, or phone (in person available) where we deep dive on an issue for your business. Comes with pre-session questions and a half-hour follow up call to check in on questions and progress.


Three months from now you could have a refreshed brand, website, and online business funnel with a solid business strategy behind it, for the same price you'd pay to have a web designer make a custom Wordpress site that may or may not achieve your goals. Even better, you will have the kind of brand and business clarity that leads to big leaps toward your grand vision and a deeper enjoyment in your client outreach and marketing.

Many people invest thousands every day with web designers to create web sites that, though attractive-looking, don't actually get to the heart of their business goals and desires. Wouldn't you rather invest in a full picture solution that addresses your online needs holistically, and gets you closer to the lifestyle your business was designed to create for you and the clients you want to reach?

When you co-create the content, when you craft the message from a place of heart and ideal client strategy, you end up with a brand that captures the soul of your business and a site that is truly, authentically yours.

If you are considering making an investment in an updated web presence and are in a spirit-led or mission-driven business, then you will want to get all the details on my signature program. Learn more by clicking the link below.


For many of my clients, a new business or endeavor finally starts to feel real once they see their new logo. I think that explains why the reactions I get from finished logos often range from delighted squeals to tears (the good kind). It’s not just about the final product — a logo can be the first physical manifestation of the soul behind the business, a totem that carries the energy and intentions of the business formally into the world.

A Soul Brand really shines with an excellent logo at the helm.


For most small businesses, the Soul Brand Journey and resulting Squarespace site and funnels are enough to give a soul-preneur the tools they need to share their gifts fully with the world.

However, your needs might be greater. As a business grows and expands, sometimes special tools and a tighter, more designed brand is called for. It may be time to consider a Wordpress site with the option for self-hosted classes, fine-tuned visuals, and sexier resources for your customers to dip into.

While the focus of my work is the Soul Brand Journey, I have a few openings each year to work in an expanded way with clients whose needs are greater. Every Queen of Business Package is customized and designed for the business owner who is both willing to go on a journey of co-creation and would like to see that vision realized in a big way. It can include the following:

  • A robust Wordpress site with expanded functionality to support your business needs
  • A sexy, custom-designed site that is perfectly fine-tuned to your Soul Brand
  • A multi-faceted funnel strategy tailored to your audiences
  • Custom-designed PDFs and other resources for sign up freebies, online courses, and eBooks
  • Branded photography via one of my preferred co-creators, art directed to align perfectly with your brand vision
  • A brand book to share with your online team to assure brand cohesion across all your marketing channels
  • Content writing and editing, as needed
  • Co-creation of an online program and support in the setup of a system to sell and deliver your program
  • Creation of videos or partnering with a video provider to develop videos that support specific marketing objectives
  • Creation of landing pages designed to promote specific programs and services to your ideal clients
  • Or? If you have something else in mind, let's discuss!

Below are some examples of other sites I have co-created with other Queens of Business.

Lotus Lantern Healing Arts

Go to to see the full site.


Jen Violi

Go to to see the full site.


Ready to begin your deluxe website journey? Fill out my Soul Brand Assessment to fuel our initial consultation.