From small logo projects to robust, branded sites and online products, I’ve done it all. I share these previous projects from satisfied co-creators (i.e. clients) to show you my background and how I came to this work of supporting people in brand evolution through the practical efforts of helping others create sites and online brands.

While I no longer offer this service, I bring all this experience to the table when I support you in clarifying the energetic frequency of your own brand.

Featured Case Study

Soul Self Astrology and Healing Arts

I supported Mari Saint-Pierre of Soul Self Astrology and Healing Arts in a revisioning of her business that embraced all of her healing gifts and shared them in a way that would attract her ideal clients and honor the value of her work. Check out the case study for this project to see the Soul Branding process in action and hear Mari's experience in the creation of her re-visioned business, brand, and website.

Soul Branding & Site Building

Micah Stover Coaching & Consulting

Micah Stover was in need of a new website and agreed to go on the Soul Brand Journey to find our way to the highest aligned version of her web presence. In our work together, we found the perfect pivots to make to help her make the most of her time and to focus her work into easy-to-explain programs that would meet the needs of her perfect fit clients. 

You played a big part in facilitating the manifestation of my offering to the world through my website. You’re truly gifted at what you do. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to reflect my appreciation and my experience of our collaboration. I could’ve paid someone to do this and walked away with *just* a site. Instead I’ve walked away with a site, with increased awareness and feeling more clear and connected to my truth. That takes ordinary business and infuses it with soul.

Courageous Mourning

Communicating the work and heart of a grief counselor is a tender job, and must be approached with respect, sincerity, and a deep understanding of the place that a client in a state of grief is in when searching for support in this area. It was an honor to co-create this site with Melinda and design a logo and site that capture the raw feelings of loss, while also communicating the courage and hope one needs to be with these feelings day to day.

Jen Violi

Jen Violi is an awesome writer and writing coach, with a well-established business and clients who love her dearly. Ultimately, our goal was to create a site that really captured her whimsical and vulnerable approach to the work, especially her ability to create a sanctuary for clients to find their true voice in their writing and make it manifest through completed books. Obviously the final product is all her beautiful words, however it was a joy to collect them in a new, visual presentation that captured her personality more authentically and presented a new email offering and newsletter to match her updated brand.

Soul Branding Only

Occasionally I will work with clients on Soul Branding alone and they will embrace the spirit of our work together to modify their own sites or work with their own team. Check out the following client sites to see the outcome of the branding process and how they chose to carry it through in their materials.


Kim Cottrell, Feldenkrais Practitioner
(Soul Branding and Soul Totem Logo)

Kim and I worked together before I had made a shift to working in Squarespace for clients. She took my recommendation to try it out and built a lovely site, selecting images that matched with the visual explorations we made during the Soul Brand process. I created a logo that was built of meaningful symbols and ideas, which is reflected in the logo story she included on her finished site.

What a labor of love. Theresa has many interests and talents, but what I loved most was her respect for representing who I am, rather than who she thinks I should be. Theresa, what a walk. I hope you’re happy with the way your work is displayed throughout this site. Big hugs.
— Kim Cottrell, Feldenkrais Practitioner

My Best Year (Now "SimpleUp")
(Soul Branding)

Kathy came to me with her signature program, "My Best Year," seeking fresh inspiration and a marketing strategy that she could employ on her own. On the Soul Brand Journey she made the commitment to reach out to dream interviewees for her video series for "My Best Year," in addition to creating a powerful sign up funnel and clarifying her mission and ideal client base.

Theresa encouraged me to swing out and ask for what I want ... which I was doing ... but, she raised the bar. She encouraged me to ask who’d I’d like to interview for My Best Year webinars ... not just who might say ‘yes.’ This has led to some pretty amazing 2016 guests that I totally admire and who have been inspiring teachers including Melissa Mattern, Sophia Treyger, Luna Jaffe, Courtney Carver from the blog Be More With Less, and now Frank Ferrante from the film, May I Be Frank! Thank you, Theresa!
— Kathy Peterman; Blogger, Writer, Photographer, Adventurer

Other Prized Projects

Lotus Lantern Healing Arts

A long time client of mine, I have supported Liliana Barzola at Lotus Lantern Healing Arts with many incarnations of her brand. The Lotus Lantern Healing Arts site showcases the results of my Soul Branding process in the shape of a robust, highly customized Wordpress site with a classroom utility on the back end. Liliana had created a number of online programs over the years and I had supported in the foundational technology that allowed her to deliver them; the final culmination of this work was building her own classroom space on her site to manage her program content, drip classes according to a schedule, and sync up with her mailing list management program. I supported her in creating a cohesive brand through all her channels, redesigning her logo and image to communicate her playful and non-guru approach to teaching tools in the healing arts space.

Women with Moxie

I have been involved in a variety of projects for Women with Moxie networking. From a logo refresh for the main logo to logo designs for supplemental offerings, I've been quite involved in the brand evolution for this company. I co-created a "Heart-Centric Guide to Networking" that is available to download for free members, for which my contributions included strategy, photography, writing, and design. I also consult on the user experience for the site, having a hand in a home page design refresh and some of the back end interactions for the site.

Truehealth Programs

This client site was created to make a home for future online programs to be offered around health concerns that are common to many families. I created the logo, helped the client craft an online funnel with a newsletter and blog strategy, and designed and coded the Wordpress site.

Christine Chrisman

Christine Chrisman hired me as she was looking to create a site to share her intuitive counseling practice while still honoring her identity as an artist and writer. We manifested her new brand with a logo and clean, easy-to-navigate site built in Wordpress, while making sure to provide an easy way for people to get her latest blog updates and sign up for appointments with her.

I found that working with you brought together in a beautiful synthesis the things I wanted to say and the feeling of my business and then you aligned the look/feel of my site with my business’ true heart.
— Christine Chrisman, Writer, Artist, and Intuitive Counselor

The Ford Family Foundation

I put together a small, whiz-bang team to build this site for this Oregon foundation. One of the most complex projects I had the honor of working with, and one of the most incredible clients, to boot. This Drupal site is chock full of strategic thinking and planning, in an effort to make the content as easy to find for users who have a variety of goals when visiting the site. Our pride and joy was the "Select Books" project, where Oregonians from certain areas can request one book at a time free of charge, and — as long as they leave a thoughtful review — can get as many educational books as they like.

We worked closely with the Ford Family Foundation communications team on this project and we are very proud of the result, which has ultimately served as a wonderful interface with the community and has made it much easier for them to share their educational mission; both in spirit and logistically.

Personal Projects

The Portland Tarot

I created The Portland Tarot, which currently lives as a 23 card major arcana deck and is on sale at many stores, including a number of New Seasons. This was a fun site that I put together to share the project and its journey.