We aren’t just client and coach, we are co-creators for your big plans for success, personal fulfillment, and big magic.

The success of the process is built on my willingness to deeply witness and challenge my clients. We don’t just create the pathway for a powerful brand, we help you create a resonate online temple of attraction. We get to the heart of why you do what you do and how to best share your gifts in a self-supporting and joyful way.

My clients are superstars, not just because they have an awesome passion to bring to the world, but because they are willing to work so hard to bring it. Turnkey solution's don't exist for a truly successful, impactful brand; you need to learn the tools to implement and enliven your brand day-to-day.

Check out the feedback from these great people who worked hard with me to manifest their dreams into the world.

Theresa has many talents that contributed to my business’s re-visioning process: a highly developed intuition; an artistic talent that spans multiple mediums; an enthusiastic, nurturing spirit; and a knack for mirroring back to people their dream, attaching a practical application for how to manifest this personal vision in the everyday world. I couldn’t have done this without Theresa, and I couldn’t recommend working with her to vision and brand your business more highly. With Theresa, you’re in the best of hands that will both nurture and inspire your efforts to create a life you will love.
— Mari Saint-Pierre, Transformational Astrologer

You played a big part in facilitating the manifestation of my offering to the world through my website. You’re truly gifted at what you do. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to reflect my appreciation and my experience of our collaboration. I could’ve paid someone to do this and walked away with *just* a site. Instead I’ve walked away with a site, with increased awareness and feeling more clear and connected to my truth. That takes ordinary business and infuses it with soul.
— Micah Stover, Coach & Consultant for Visionary Creators

I found that working with you brought together in a beautiful synthesis the things I wanted to say and the feeling of my business and then you aligned the look/feel of my site with my business’s true heart.
— Christine Chrisman; Writer, Artist, and Intuitive Counselor

Theresa is so much more to me than a web designer and marketing consultant. She became deeply committed to the success of every phase of my project, and applied her insight and expertise when I didn’t know which way to turn. She can skillfully step in as copywriter should the need arise, and in my case, it did often. It’s rare to find that combination of creativity and tactical knowledge, but with Theresa Pridemore, you get the whole package. She’s is a pleasure to do business with.
— Judy Bennett; Instructor, Speaker, and Conspirator

What a labor of love. Couldn’t have done it without the incredible help of Theresa Pridemore on the branding and logo. Theresa has many interests and talents, but what I loved most was her respect for representing who I am, rather than who she thinks I should be. Theresa, what a walk. I hope you’re happy with the way your work is displayed throughout this site. Big hugs.
— Kim Cottrell, Feldenkrais Practitioner

I first worked with Theresa Pridemore as a web designer. I needed a website for my creative media company that was highly personal, beautiful, and navigable. Her work is creative, lovely, detailed, clear, and unique. Working with her was a dream. The process was intuitive and smooth, and I felt completely understood when I communicated with Theresa about my desires and needs for the website. She expertly wove what I asked for into an amazing website that I love. She is a complete professional, and it was also a really fun process!

All of Theresa’s work contains a delicious storytelling aspect, which is why I think it is so compelling. She is also a fantastic communicator, which makes working with her a great pleasure. I can’t recommend Theresa highly enough as a designer and general visual arts magician.
— Cynthia Lopez; Archivist, Producer, and Artist

Theresa was such a joy to work with! Her excitement for my work and affirmation of my creative spirit inspired and motivated me. As we talked through my dreams, plans and various challenges I felt very understood. Her comments and advice were so insightful and energizing. I will be drawing on what I learned during our sessions for a long time to come!
— Erin Marr, Photographer