• A supreme ruler, especially a monarch.


  • Possessing supreme or ultimate power.
  • Self-governing, self-determining, independent.
  • Possession of royal power and status.
  • Very good or effective.




  • the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.
  • those qualities that define the character of a person.
  • the quality of courage, energy, and determination.
  • the real meaning or the intention behind something.


  • to convey rapidly and secretly.



I have always been a very independent person, pushing the envelope of my own capabilities and inviting others to embrace their own full-embodied potential. Many of the women who come to work with me are also trailblazers. While they may strategically work with others and collaborate as their work calls them to, they in essence forge their own path and spend much of their time relying on their own skills and ingenuity to carry them through each day.

Perhaps they once worked for an employer or perhaps they never did; whatever their story, they came to a place where they wanted to be liege to no one but themselves, to follow their own passions and missions down whatever course they were called to. While the path of the sovereign is never easy, it is full of reward. More than a sole-proprietorship or solo-preneurship, to be sovereign means to fully claim your own path and well being and to see yourself as empowered in each choice you make to walk forward on your own heroic journey.

WHY WE NEED A Mythical Life

This heroic journey is a mythic one, calling forth images of stories etched in our collective past. It invokes a search for magical talismans, a study of spell-making, a quest to connect with soul. It brings to mind the image of the alchemist, studying the essence of things and daring to make new, leading-edge compositions. It invites us to create our own personal totems, to inscribe healing messages of love and light on the wind, on bits, on pixels. It allows us to inscribe deep messages on the tiniest grains of intention.

The mythical, magical items on my desk.

The mythical, magical items on my desk.

When we believe in our own spirit, our own sovereign magic, we can achieve much more than we can if we simply buy into the modern concept that our life is set out to be a daily grind and a push toward the “six figure milestone,” 1,000 facebook followers, or 100 subscribers. In fact, our work must carry an element of mythos, or we will simply be overwhelmed and ultimately demolished by the million mundane tasks that owning a business seems to require of us. When we are guided by our own mythos, our own heroic journey, our own spirit, then we allow ourselves to find a path of greater ease, applying our gifts intelligently and where spirit guides us, so that we may master the path of financial empowerment within the living of our mission.

The Power of Totems & Energy
to Help Manifest Our Desires

I love working with Sovereign Spirits of all callings, and I use all of my tools and abilities to do more than create a presence online for these individuals: I work with people to access the astral blueprint of their business mission and manifest it in real-time with the help of the powerful totems that logos, websites, and marketing materials represent.

Our shared job is to align your energy and create a powerful energy signature that will draw all you truly desire to you. It’s not enough to talk through and plan for this manifestation, otherwise all our work would amount to nothing more than fluffy, woo-woo, feel-good kool-aid; we will actually take concrete steps to manifest your vision in the form of online materials and powerful business strategy.

Magic without grounded, practical hard work is just an empty promise; another frustration and disempowering story awaiting us on the horizon to reinforce any programs that we may still have running telling us we don't have what it takes to fulfill our greatest potential.

However, a magical approach combined with strategy, focused effort, and an experience guide to hold space  has the power to carry us into our next incarnation and to deliver a new, empowered reality to us that is both grounded and expansive. 

You don’t just leave our work feeling inspired, you leave being able to physically witness the power and clarity of your own Sovereign Spirit and have the ability share it concretely with others, in a way that will sustain and nourish you.


A Path of Soul and Profit,
of Spirit and Business

Somewhere between the High Priestess, the Magician, and the Empress — the Queen of Business; the Sovereign Spirit — is following the path of soul and profit to stake her powerful claim in the world and share her passion and gifts with those who are most in need of what she has to offer.

Are you a Sovereign Spirit ready for a business transmutation and totem creation?